Who is Chrissy K?

When it comes to explaining myself, I just can’t! It’s hard to explain who I am when I’m use to showing who I am to others. So let’s give it a try!

I am 25 years old. The only child with my mom and the oldest of 4(3 brothers) with my father…..Yep, I’m a daddies girl!
Family, Friendships and relationships are some of the most important things! I don’t even consider my friends, friends. I consider them my family! I don’t have many, but I truly believe that you all, my followers, will become my family!

I was introduced to fashion when I came out of my mothers womb! My mom was known for her amazing sense of style and class and I couldn’t settle for anything less.


From laced trimmed dresses, a lace choker, lace gloves, lace socks, and white or black patent leather shoes, I hated it, but you couldn’t tell my mom NOTHING!

At the age of 9, my mom finally gave me permission to dress myself……That’s when I finally began to discover who Chrissy was. In school, I was the only plus size girl in my class. Yes, I felt like an outsider on the inside, but by the way I dressed on the outside, you couldn’t tell.

Thats when my battle with low self-esteem started and that’s when I really began to search for some type of relief and sign of hope, which is my journey of finding the reason why I am still alive on today, GOD.

And that’s why I started this blog…. It will share my views on fashion, music, the highs and lows of life, and my walk as a believer of Jesus Christ.

Let the journey began!

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