I Vow…..

My Style was based on how I felt and what inspires me. When I felt happy or  down, I dressed like it. When I had to be cute, I was cute and then went home and dressed like I didn’t care. I would get inspired by colors and my favorite celebrities, but it was so hard to stay trendy. Especially as a Full Figured Woman, it was super hard trying to be cute and different because there weren’t that many plus size clothing stores. So I took what was offered and I made it work. Since then I came to know what my gift is and what my passion is. Style and Fashion!

I never would have imagined the day would come that people would want to know my opinion on what to wear or what is trendy in fashion. I never would have guessed that people were paying attention to what I wear and how I conduct myself.  They didn’t know that on the inside, I felt so unworthy.

I have suffered from low-self esteem ever since I was in preschool. A lot of it had to do with my weight and my skin. Some of you may not know I have really bad eczema all over my body. That gave me a reason to just give up on it. I felt like I didn’t have what it takes.
I thought I wasn’t good enough.  It wasn’t until I gave up on me that God showed me that I’m worth it. He sent amazing people in my life that had to push me and hold me accountable.  He showed me that he didn’t give me this gift just for me, but to let the whole world know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you don’t have to settle for what you have now because he has so much more to offer and that you exceed the standard of beauty. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks. What matters the most is what you think of you and what he thinks of you.

So Why did I write this blog?? To show you that you can dress and still be who you are and there’s so much more to receive when you’re out of your comfort zone.  To inspire every person to rise above the limitations and reach your greatest potential! I started this blog to show people that you can have your own identity in fashion and that it’s ok to be YOU because he (GOD) likes you.


So Today I vow,

To always smile in spite of what I’m feeling

To dress my best no matter what

To ignore the negative and embrace the positive

To love and appreciate what God has created

To love

To inspire

To encourage

To be productive

To focus

To give

To never stop believing

To trust God

To never give up on me

To keep pressing

To find the beauty in everything

To never put limits on my self and on God

What’s your vow?


Chrissy K.


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All you need is just a little bit….

Have you ever been in a position where you have a vision or a dream that you want to accomplish, but you feel like you don’t have what you need to accomplish it?
Are you facing a situation that seems so impossible and you don’t know how to face it?
What if I told you that all that you had to do was take what you have and just do it?
A lot of times things seem impossible, goals seems unreachable, dreams and visions aren’t realistic because we haven’t just taken the little that we have, trust GOD, and do it.
Let’s take a story from the bible…..David and Goliath
Goliath, a giant man clothed in metal clothes, called a fight against Saul and the Israelites. INSTANTLY, they became afraid and had already lost hope. David, a young Shepard, hears about the this Big man wanting to fight and says he will fight him. Saul and Davids brothers all looked at David like he was crazy for wanting to fight.
David had to tell them (The doubters) that he knew that he couldn’t do it on his own and that he had some help. He had someone fighting for him, which was GOD. David took his  staff, a sling, and some stones and approached Goliath. When Goliath saw who he was facing, he knew that he had already won against him. David took the little that he had and was able to knock out Goliath.
What should that tell you? You can have a business idea, a vision or a dream that God has given you and you do not know how to began. Do what David did, take the little things that you have a attack the impossible.
Some of you may be facing a situation that seems so impossible to handle, when all you need is a little faith, trust, and work!
In Matthew 13:31, Jesus shares a parable about the smallest seed, which is the mustard seed. When you plant this seed, it grows into one of the largest garden plants.
I believe that if you take what God has given us as a helpmate, which is FAITH, put it to work, honor God in it all and he will honor the effort!
Take the little that you have and work it and see where GOD can do. Know that he is with you!
With Love and In Love,
Chrissy K.
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