Event Highlight: Makeup and Moscato


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I’ve always bene a person to always support my friends when they are going after their dreams. I love to see people really using their gifts! I had the privilege of attending a great event called “Makeup and Moscato!” which was hosted by my friends Markavia, Melanie, and Chanquelle. They are so amazing and inspiring women!!! When I first walked in. It exceeded my expectations. At each seat there was a mirror with a message of beauty on it and a hand decorated wine glass courtesy of my friend Chanquelle’s event planning company “Ritz & Glitz.” There was also a beautiful table full of sweets (Temptation was all around me lol jk).


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At each table, you saw a very creative center piece. Which came in handy for one of the funniest moments of the night!

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The host had different companies there to do networking such as It Works by Alexis and an Investment company to teach us about investing our money correctly!  After the great presentations from each company, they introduced us to a game called “Beat that face!” Each girl had 10 minutes to do their best face! Let’s just say that each girl did a pretty good job with what they had!

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After the game, Markavia and Melanie gave some awesome makeup tips on taking a Day face to an Evening face. Here are a couple of tips that I took:

-Brush your eye brows daily! Your eye brows can be trained(they are sisters not twins)

-Tracing your eyebrows (top and bottom) cleans up your mistakes with your eyebrows

-Lighting is everything

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From different suggestions on what brands to use to what makeup is affordable to makeup hacks to much more! These ladies have outdone themselves. I am so proud of what they are doing. If you are looking to have a girls night and looking for something different to do, BOOK THEM! I know I am 🙂


Follow them on their Social Media Sites:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KayGlamm/?fref=ts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/kayglamm


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhenominalMel.Simone?fref=ts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mel_belle26

Chanquelle(Ritz & Glitz Event Planning):

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chanquelle.dixon?fref=ts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/dare_to_c


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