Event Highlight: #ImBuildingSomething Vision Board Party


We made it!!!!! 1 month down in 2017 and 11 more to go. Scary right? It felt like I just graduated from High School last week Lol. Last Year was really a year of growth and maturity for me. It was like a crash course of life! lol I had to grow up really quick. I never would have imagined being in this position that I am in this today! But I am grateful.

Before I entered into 2017, I can say that I was really looking back over the past year and I realized that I had so much work to do this year! I did not accomplish 95% of the stuff that I was suppose to accomplish. So I went into the new year with no resolution, no goals, discouraged and just over 2017 and it had not even started yet.

I couldn’t really grasp hold of what to do with my life and one day my friend reached out to me and invited me to come to a Vision Board Party. I’ve heard of the whole Vision Board Trend, but a party? Never heard of it. I was searching for some motivation and I took the chance and signed up. Not knowing what was going to happen. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

So I arrived and before you even walk in, you can feel the #GoodVibes and #GoodEnergy. As soon as I walk in, it was Poppin! lol It was way bigger and more dope than I imagined it would be. From Vendors, to music, to food, to prizes; Everything was INCREDIBLE! There was so much to get in to. You were able to network with different people and also make connections. I met two young ladies who were full of life and energy. I instantly loved them and we connected!


One of the highlights of this event for me was hearing My Friend Ebonie’s Pastor give key points about having a vision and planning. One of the things that really stuck out to me was “”Don’t Let your budget scare your dreams!” It really shook my faith and empowered me to just go ahead a go after my dreams and goals. He was really dope!! Creating the Vision Board was really dope because it made you really think and it made you realize that you have hope and you do have something to offer!

Overall, I really appreciate the fact that God placed people like Ebonie in my life. Very rarely do you have people in your life, that already have amazing things going for themselves, push you and challenge you to go after your dreams and aspirations and they support you! After this event, I’ve been more than inspired! It strengthened my faith and I’ve been making moves ever since.

Make sure when you come across people like this in your life that you never take advantage of them and take in everything that they pour into you. God placed them in your life for a reason.



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She will be having more #ImBuildingSometing Vision Board Parties Soon! So make sure you go and support! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!


In the spirit of truth and love,


Chrissy K.


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