Chrissy’s Fav’s: Swing Tops

Have you ever just wanted to slip on something comfortable and go? I have found the solution.  Comfort is very important to me when it comes to fashion. No matter what it is, if it’s not comfortable I’m not wearing it. Swing tops have become my go to because of how comfortable they are and how versatile they can be. They give you so much freedom and as a plus size woman, I don’t like for my clothing to be clingy. It also hides some of the areas of my body that I’m not confident in. Here are a few of my favorite swing tops that are available for you to purchase(Click picture to go to website):



This Oversize T-Shirt Dress With Curved Hem is from ASOS. I absolutely love their swing tops. Almost every swing top I have came from ASOS Curve. This is definitely made for comfort. This also comes in black, blue and grey (Picture courtesy of


This Black Swing Dress with Cut Out  from is very cute! It’s kind of short, but I really like the cut out and who doesn’t like a cute black dress!(Picture courtesy of


Here’s another swing dress from ASOS. The ASOS CURVE Knitted Swing Dress With Cute Collar is so adorable and it comes it navy!!!! The price might be a little too much, but It’s definitely worth it. (Picture courtesy of




Last, but certainly not least, here’s Pink Clove Long Sleeve Printed Swing Dress. I’m a lover of prints. This swing dress has pretty sleeves and this print is really pretty. It’s definitely worth the risk. (Picture courtesy of


If you are looking for comfort I would suggest there two companies ( and



Here’s My Youtube Video on Swing Tops:



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Grammy’s 2016 Fashion Wins!

The 2016 was a very interesting show this year. From the music performances to the fashion choices from today’s brightest stars. There were a few entertainers that may not or may have won in whatever category that they were nominated for, but they definitely won in the fashion area!



Jazmine Sullivan- This Michael Costello piece was one of my favorites of the night. She looks so amazing! She’s not showing too much, but just enough and her make-up was just the cherry on top. She hit it right on the nail with this look, but she always looks amazing to me!!!




Chrissy Teigan- Listen, She blessed me! When you can look fabulous and pregnant, You Win Automatically. From the color, to the material, to the design, to her beauty, this look was breath taking. Another one of my favorites.



Torri Kelly-I have been telling my mom that this color is the color of the season. I have fallen in love with green. Torri really pulled this look off and it fit her so perfect!!! Love it!!! and the add of pink accessories was perfect!





Tasha Cobbs- I really appreciate Tasha for this look. She’s always taking risk with her fashion and never disappoints. There’s nothing more elegant than the color black and I absolutely loved the top of the dress. From head to toe, Tasha nailed this look.


Brittany Howard of The Alabama Shakes- I have never heard of this band or this lady until the grammy’s, but let me tell you, I feel in love with her. not just for her voice, but her unique style. Even though this picture does not give you a whole lot, it still gives you enough. I absolutely loved what she wore in her performance! So simple, but dope to me!



So tell me who were your favorite looks at the Grammy’s this year?? Leave a comment below!

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Dressing Room Rules(For Plus Size Girls)

I started working for Torrid back in March of 2012. When I first started working there, I thought this was my dream job; I get to help people find their own personal style, I get to meet new people, I got to see what’s trendy before it is put out for people to buy, I got to make people happy, but most of all I get that discount which was amazing! Women would come in looking for clothes and leave finding their own identity in fashion.

But Let me tell you something, working the dressing room was a challenge! lol Women would come in there all types of crazy. Even though we are there to serve you, there should be some type of etiquette for dressing rooms.  And here they are:

torrid1. “You must take a shower before trying on clothes!”- A lot of women have come into Torrid with horrible Body odor and they knew that they were going to want to try on clothes. Every time someone left the dressing room, I had to Lysol a room down because it smelled horrible! lol Be considerate of the next person coming to trying on clothes.

2. “Do not try on underwear without underwear!”- A lot of times women come in there trying to find their true size and that’s ok, but someone else is going to buy that piece of underwear and they don’t want your body stains on the clothing. That’s very unsanitary for you to not wear underwear while trying on undergarments. lol

3. “Always take an item one size up and one size down!”- I don’t know if you have this issue, but my body fluctuates from time to time. I have found it easier that when I go into a dressing room to take 3 sizes of  each item.

4. “Ask Questions!”- The worker is there to help you find what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions and don’t be afraid to ask for their opinion on some items. That’s what they are there for.

5. “It looks different on you!”-Never be afraid to try something on even if it looks crazy on a mannequin or hanger. It always looks different on you.

I know you are probably thinking this girl is crazy! lol I just had to tell the truth about us. You gotta love me!


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